Want to be a part of this?

Writers – Wanted

The app is nearly done and the first book is actually finished!
But there are a lot more stories to be told! Do you have a story inside you who wants to get out? Then contact us via the form at bottom of this page!
The writers job is to come up with the basic storyline, with all the treads and what keeps them together. We have built a neat tool to keep track of everything, but in the end its the wits of the writer that makes a story good or not!
Writing an interactive story is something totally different from a straight line book. Here you need to keep track of everything that has happened that might build a base for a later part of the book.

Proofreaders – wanted

The work of the proofreader comes into play when the writer is done with their book. The proof reader starts to methodically test every turn of the book, they have the possibility to cheat by checking what the writer has done backend and see the full tree. Their job is truly important but will not take as long as writing a book. The writer and Proofreader will have to communicate errors are found, so they can fix them together!

Spellcheckers -wanted

Spellcheckers comes into play when the book is written and proofread and is basically done. The spellchecking is important to make a great product. basic spellchecks can be done during writing off course, but a spellchecker can also help keeping the language to the same level.

Artist – Book cover creator wanted

This is the only work that will be payed upfront, at the beginning probably small fees but as we grow we will pay more generously.


To start with, this should be seen as a risk-venture. We have no sponsors or backup money to start with but that also means that when the money start rolling in, we will be able to give a bigger percentage back to the above workers!

So, this is basically how it will work. a book will cost 1€ to 4€ maybe depending on how big/deep/wide it is. all books can be read for a wile for free to check them out.

Lets say we sell 100 books for 2€each for this example

From 200€ in revenue, about half goes away into the financial system, taxes, fees from android store and apple store.
So we have about 100€ to distribute.

  • 40% will go to ISE itself, the money will be used to promote the books and as earnings for keeping/building/maintaining the system. Buying new bookcovers and stuff like that.
  • 40% will go to the Writer(if several writers, they will share this pot)
  • 5% will go to the Proofreader(if several, they will share this pot, really large productions will probably have several)
  • 5% will go to the Spellchecker(if several, they will share this pot, really large productions will probably have several)
  • 10% will go to charity of the Writers choice, if he/she wishes, the decision can be made with proofreaders and spellcheckers together.

A worker(any above) will be entitled to get his/her share for a full year after release, but if, during this year, he/she works on another project the revenue from the first book stays for another year up until a maximum of 5 years. This rule is because we really want the good writers to continue working for us. the 5 year roof is so it does not get impossible to keep track of all books. If a worker dies his/her money will keep coming during the howl 5 years term to the nearest benefactor.

So, this says nothing about how much a book will end up making in money, but there are several other similar games on the market, and I have seen some of them sell up to 1 million copies for 2€, that would give a writer 400.000€, and a spellchecker 50.000€. Off course over time, but still great money for the amount of hours put into it. Most books will never reach that many sales, but the best just might do that!

Still interested?

Send us an email to zacke[at]evolinteractive.com with the following information:

Your name:
Your Age:
Short letter about yourself.

What kind of profession you are interested in:(could be all or any number)
If a writer, send us an example of something you have written, it could be a link to a webpage, or bookstore or just copy some text into the mail.
If a proofreader, send us an example of something similar that you have been working with, a game maybe or other logical work.
If spellchecker, send us some proof of your qualities as a spellchecker, tell us about your skills and what you are best at.

I hope to get to know you, and do great things with you!

/Zakarias Persson, founder of ISE